Monday, August 19, 2013

Grateful for Friends

As the "big event" approached, I desperately balancing sleep, timelines, doctor's visits -- and budget. The balancing act is where friends and family come into play - in a big way!

I am grateful for friends with flexible schedules to help work the booth. I am grateful for friends with strong backs who help deliver the booth setup. Right now, I am just grateful to be alive.

Fit Board Fusion is set up and ready to go in Booth 300. We requested a booth away from the Figure Competition but near the personal trainer certifying booths - and we got exactly what we requested. I am incredibly thankful that our booth worked out well - it looks like we won't be next to any blaring music. I look forward to conversing with types of new people!

Today, I'm tired. I'm sore. I am excited for the show. I hope the lights won't be too bright for my concussed head. See you after the show!