Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Standing Rockers

Warming Up

Welcome to our first blog post on the core exercises we frequently perform on the Fit Boards. These posts are intended to be simple and informative. Please feel free to ask any questions. We'd be glad to answer!

Each of our sessions on the Fit Boards begins with a Rocker Set. Today, we will specifically address

Monday, August 19, 2013

Grateful for Friends

As the "big event" approached, I desperately balancing sleep, timelines, doctor's visits -- and budget. The balancing act is where friends and family come into play - in a big way!

I am grateful for friends with flexible schedules to help work the booth. I am grateful for friends with strong backs who help deliver the booth setup. Right now, I am just grateful to be alive.

Fit Board Fusion is set up and ready to go in Booth 300. We requested a booth away from the Figure Competition but near the personal trainer certifying booths - and we got exactly what we requested. I am incredibly thankful that our booth worked out well - it looks like we won't be next to any blaring music. I look forward to conversing with types of new people!

Today, I'm tired. I'm sore. I am excited for the show. I hope the lights won't be too bright for my concussed head. See you after the show!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Nerves and Concussions: The Arnold Classic is Coming!

Fit Board Fusion is just barely a year old and we signed up to attend one of the largest fitness expositions in the country - even the world.  AHHHH! We anticipated an exciting event full of energy and enthusiasm. Noone anticipated that a car accident would so deeply affect our ability to serve and energize our customers.

FBF has found some wonderful supporters in the organizers and friends of the Arnold Classic. We appreciated their support in providing timely feedback and information as we prepared during those last days before the Expo (between bouts of excessive concussion-related sleep!)  However, event with all the support, I faced the day with some trepidation.

At its base, FBF is all about core muscles, stabilization and balance. For the record, the whiplash combined with my concussion severely inhibited me from performing some of our "inspiring" exercises.  Thankfully, I had helpers scheduled throughout the weekend- but the plan all along depended primarily on me to explain and demonstrate exercises for potential clients and trainers.

Before the event started, we mapped out a new game plan. Stay tuned to see how it went...