Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sleep and the Buzz

Have you ever been on a long train ride - or car ride that is very bumpy? Did you arrive at your destination only to feel that your body was still in motion? That's how I have felt since the car accident. I can only describe it by saying my body is on constant buzz.

I am so tired. I wake up from this buzzed state of sleep, still feeling exhausted. I am not sleeping well; my eyes are burning when I'm awake. My head is spinning when I lay down.

I realized in a sudden moment that I haven't listened to music or the radio at all since the accident. I drive from place to place in total silence. As a part-time musician, this realization is jolting to me. It's just not having music playing in the background, but I miss the song in my heart.

I can only think that my head needs the silence to heal.

Nearly a full week has gone by since the accident. I haven't worked a full day yet. My hat doesn't sit square on my head. My shoulders are tight and I try to lay down with an ice pack fro my neck. Although I subscribe to holistic practices and I've seen the chiropractor regularly, I'm taking pain killers and muscle relaxants.

As an athlete, I'm no foreigner to sore muscles. The pain in my shoulders is due primarily to soreness and tightness - it's bearable. However, I'm unaccustomed to this constant sense of buzzing.

How long with this extended sleep continue? I'm sleeping nearly 16 hours a day! I am grateful my husband is here to care for our son. I am not an active participant in our household right now. He's cooking, cleaning and supporting my recovery efforts.

When do you think this buzzing will end?