Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Development of the Concussion: Week 1

Have you ever hit your head? It seems like everyone I know has hit their head at some point: some harder than others. I'm sure I have - and I healed quickly. In general, I've lived an active life, and I've had injuries just like every other human, but I've been blessed with a healthy body. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle -- and this has always led to quick/reasonable recovery times.

Immediately after the car accident, I was confident that I would heal as quickly as always. I was in a car accident in my early twenties. The car was completely totaled - it looked worse than this accident. I had no headaches, no soreness. I walked away, laughed at life and moved on. That was then, this is now.

Although I showed no bruises, I suffered far more internal injuries than I realized. I woke up the following morning extremely early. My head hurt. My vision was blurry. I thought I was just tired from lack of sleep. I love my work; I love turning out high quality work. I thought that I would go to the office, since I wasn't able to sleep. I wanted to prep for the vendor who was supposed to arrive that morning.

During his visit to our site, my heart rate sky rocketed. After only a half flight of stairs, I had sweat pouring down my head. Me! I'm supposed to be an athlete. I exercise, I walk stairs without giving them a second thought (ok, except the 3rd and 4th days after a long run, stairs always hurt after long run days.) I should not be sweating the stairs in the middle of winter.

The clincher came in my afternoon meeting. Not yet 24 hours after the car accident, a respected colleague had agreed to meet me and help me through a few difficult pieces of data. I seriously started nodding off while look at him. I couldn't keep my head up, I couldn't keep my eyes open. I knew that I was going to need a doctor's visit, and more than just a trip to the chiropractor. I left the meeting early, scheduled an appointment with my general practitioner, who is conveniently on the Sports Med Concussion Team locally. I think went home to pass out.

My life, health and fitness were degrading by the moment.